Open House at our Phoenix Office

The office is a demonstration of sustainable, environmentally-conscious renovation.

Located along Central Avenue, the main corridor of Phoenix, the project transforms what was a stark, heat generating site and building into a cool, multi-layered oasis that buffers the building from the movement and noise of the street and creates a canopy that shades the building from the hot Arizona sun. The subdivided interior was opened up, creating a light-filled studio that encourages collaboration and discussion. Multiple strategies minimize impact on the environment: careful removal of unwanted exterior finishes eliminated need for major changes to the existing building shell, whilce a bold insertion of a transformative reception/conference room divider/table piece maximized usage of existing space. Out front, scavenged concrete sidewalk remnants became as porous driveway surrounded by native Sonoran desert trees, grasses and cacti. A street-side courtyard composed of brightly colored, translucent eco-resin panels shields against noise and provides usable outdoor space.

Thanks to all of our clients, compatriots and kin for joining us for a great night.