Valley Lutheran Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation & Therapy Services Addition

Valley Lutheran Hospital required a new addition in order to house the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Therapy Services, which was losing its old location in the hospital. With very little time left to move the departments, Marlene Imirzian and Associates entered the project, and quickly began work with Linthicum Constructors and Modular Technologies to provide Fast Track design and construction of the addition.

We established the feasibility of working with modular construction that could be designed to match the hospital appearance and immediately worked with the modular building fabricator and Linthicum to establish the design. Marlene Imirzian led a half-day program and scope workshop, during which the building size and budget were established. We established the infrastructure package first to allow major utility connections to the existing hospital and power/communication upgrades to begin while the building was being constructed. Foundation packages were issued next and completed in time for the building to be craned into place the next day. Total construction time was only 45 days.