North County Health Services

Healthcare Center: San Marcos, CA

North County Health Services is a large, multi-site, nonprofit health services corporation dedicated to serving the health needs of the low-income and migrant worker population in north San Diego County.

Since 1972, they have been operating in extremely poor quality spaces, including their most recent position in a light industrial building. Renovating and transforming an adjacent, identical building creates a new, vibrant, and easy-to-find space for the medical facility. The renovation includes an exterior upgrade that transforms the building’s image, as well as the creation of a small, arched lobby with large areas of glass. This new, light-filled interior creates public spaces while meeting a very restrictive construction budget of $40 per SF. Space is provided for Counseling, Adult, Pediatric, Dental and Perinatal Clinics, AIDS Case Management, WIC, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology and Administration.

The design of the clinics provides for clusters of four providers with sub-waiting areas within each cluster, allowing the client’s family to be close by at all times. The lobby addition and sub-waiting area additions provide expansive daylight and openness to all the public areas, and transform the existing building image to reflect the vibrant community-centered services provided.


Building Area

40,000 GSF