Heavy Duty Advanced Transportation Technology Building

Miramar College: San Diego, CA

The Heavy Duty Advanced Transportation Technology Building (HDATT) plays a vital role in the Diesel Technology program towards a more comprehensive approach in Advanced Transportation Technology and Alternative Fuels. The teaching partners with major industry partners, such as Honda and Toyota for workforce training. The new facility provides all primary teaching areas, interior and exterior, for this innovative and nationally recognized program at Miramar College. The design creates an environment where learning, teaching collaboration, and innovation can be nurtured and featured.

  • The primary spaces provided are a 6-bay Vehicle Shop/Faculty office building, Classroom Building, Dynamometer, and Equipment Storage Building, Public Terrace, Testing Yard, and Vehicle Yard.
  • Integrates the complex program into a highly constrained built out campus
  • Integrates large vehicle movement, testing, and operation while providing required separation of the vehicle traffic from pedestrian circulation.
  • Provides high visibility of this signature program
  • Is designed with high sustainability, including natural ventilation, daylighting, and efficient mechanical systems for each major use type, receiving LEED Silver certification
  • Vehicle part elements such as Diesel Engine sleeves, slated for destruction, were repurposed as exterior light fixtures throughout

The raised terrace provides the primary public space. A large rolling gate is a gateway to the facility while allowing views through when closed. The three distinct buildings frame the terrace and exterior testing yard. All interior and exterior program areas are able to be viewed from the terrace, which steps directly to the existing primary campus walk. It is shaded by a large cork oak tree where it abuts the dirt test yard. Students, staff and visitors can view large vehicle testing in the test yard and the major Dynamometer testing facility through a full height glass wall, which brings excitement and activity unique to the program into view. It extends into the large vehicle shop where offices overlook the vehicle floor. Landscape is an integral architectural element, designed to provide beauty, shade, and color from all instructional areas.



Photo Credit: Bill Timmerman


AIA WMR Citation Award, 2015
AIA Arizona Award, Distinguished Building, 2014
CCFC Honor Award, Growth Category, 2014
“Keep on Truckin’ “, Architectural Record, November 2014
AIA Arizona Merit Award, Unbuilt, 2012