Math, Science and Engineering Building

The Math, Science and Engineering Building consolidates the teaching programs of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Geography and Mathematics into one modern facility. The new teaching and learning environments replace existing and aging facilities, constructed in the mid-sixties and early seventies.

MIAA collaborates closely with the faculty and college staff to help clarify their needs. The project strives to provide more functional and adequate spaces in the new building to better accommodate both the faculty and students alike. Flexible classrooms, labs, lab support, offices and other collaborative spaces will increase efficiencies, enhance collaboration, strengthen shared purposes and promote greater learning.

The project design implements recycled water for irrigation and a state of the art water harvesting system. All roof water, site rain water, and HVAC is piped to an underground cistern that is sized to handle the majority of rain events.



Building Area

108,000 GSF

Completion Date

Projected 2018

Services Provided

Programming, Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration