Mt. San Antonio College Master Plan

Mt. San Antonio College: Walnut, CA

The Facility Master Plan established a ten year growth plan for the district as a whole, including college population projections, planned campus capacities, and funding approach criteria, such as alternatives for bond and collaborative funding. The master plan utilized the projections from the educational master plan and strategic plan to develop the plan for facility needs on the campus, including open space, building zones, parking zones, pedestrian/vehicular circulation, landmarks and signage. Architectural guidelines were developed to articulate campus desired for improvements that are compatible with the existing buildings and sites. Key campus architectural features, such as the materials, scale and massing of existing structures, were studied to develop a qualitative guideline for future developments.

The plan were be based on the following key tasks:

  • Evaluated the 2005 Facilities Master Plan & the 2009 Educational Master Plan
  • Worked with the District to determine curricular needs, enrollment growth expectations and assumptions
  • Integrated Continuing Education Department needs into the Facilities Master Plan
  • Reviewed potential modifications to the 2010 Five Year Construction Plan and made recommendations for revisions
  • Develop a facilities master plan update to include current overall conditions, proposed projects, and phasing
  • Developed recommendations for project proposals – state funding, IPP, FPP costs and sequencing
  • Identified sequencing space requirements/locations to accommodate required temporary conditions where applicable