Gold Spot Marketing Center

Phoenix, AZ

The Gold Spot Marketing Center historic restoration revitalized a key corner of the City of Phoenix Roosevelt Historic District, and subsequently helped preserve an important part of its neighborhood fabric. Constructed in 1925 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was one of the first shopping centers in Phoenix to serve a residential area.

For over 20 years, the once-vibrant commercial center stood vacant and in disrepair. Previous attempts had been made to save the building, but all plans required partial or complete demolition. Our design team did exhaustive structural testing and determined that the entire structure could be saved. The restoration included foundation repairs, masonry wall stabilization, seismic structural upgrades, concrete column repair, and asbestos and lead paint abatement. The team saved existing wood trusses while adding a new roof and steel canopy. A custom glass storefront was designed and a new recessed corner entry installed according to historic photos.

The project is invaluable to the Roosevelt District neighborhood for its faithful restoration of not only the building’s physical structure but of its historic use as a small neighborhood shopping center. Today, the Gold Spot Marketing Center serves as a functional symbol of the community’s vibrant past and promising future.



Photo Credit: Bill Timmerman


Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Award, Crescordia, 2004

Building Area

12,035 SF