Winship House Assessment & Restoration

Winship House is a historic property owned by the City of Phoenix that has been unoccupied for a number of years. The Historic Building Assessment provided preliminary information on the extent of restoration required, potential occupants, and an outline budget for the restoration. The report detailed the condition of exterior elements such as roofing, brickwork, porch structure, windows, doors, and site.

MIAA was also retained to provide full construction documents for the exterior restoration to bring the structure back to it’s original appearance. In addition, the building was made accessible for future use as the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office. This project received a grant from the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office.


Photo credit: Bill Timmerman

Sun Dee Restoration

A historic building in the City of Phoenix. Before any construction could begin on the 69-year-old building, it first had to be structurally reinforced, lifted from its foundations, and slowly moved across the street to its new resting place on the corner of 3rd street and Portland.

Lamar Building Restoration

Originally constructed in 1925, the historic register building was moved from its original site to a new site by the City of Phoenix to allow major development on its original site. MIAA provided all new site improvements for the new site. The building had been vacant for many years, most recently used as a four unit boarding house.

The building was renovated to provide two market rate condominiums. The exterior was restored, a two story addition and a separate detached building for two 2-car garages were designed using interior standards for restoration. All interior partitions and new stairs were constructed due to the condition of the existing and change from four to two units.

Renovation was completed without disturbing the historic contents of the building. Each property is two stories adjacent to one another. Both units contain redesigned bathrooms, master bedrooms and pantries. The remodeled kitchens include double ovens and a cook-top at the island.


Photo credit: Bill Timmerman