Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy

The Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy (HYSA) is designed for gifted middle and high school students.  It is designed to provide an optimum learning environment for the students while blending with the ASU West Campus exterior building environment. The students experience a broad minded paradigm-shifting education in a unique learning environment.

Key elements of the program include providing an educational setting where students can learn with intellectual peers, build friendships, pursue extra-curricular activities and contribute to the community.

Project Highlights: LEED Gold Certified

  • 39% energy cost savings above ASHRAE 90.1-2007
  • 15% of annual energy consumption is offset by a photovoltaic system
  • 24% reduction of potable water for indoor use
  • 69% reduction of potable water for irrigation
  • 95% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill
  • 10% of construction materials came from recycled content (by cost)
  • 14% of construction materials came from regional sources (by cost)


Photo Credit: Bill Timmerman |  Matt Winquist

Food Service Building

The new Food Service Building at Mt. San Antonio College will provide primary food services for approximately ten years, after which it will continue operation as a satellite food service facility.  The site of the Food Service Building is located in the northwestern portion of the campus’ Primary Instructional Zone, directly adjacent to all the Fine and Performing Arts instructional facilities, future parking garage and gateway plaza.  This location allows for ease of access from the primary campus vehicle drive on the north.

Unique challenges were the small, steeply sloping site and continuous operation of the existing campus cafe during construction.  A line of mature beautiful Tipuana Tipu trees on the south inspired the primary design approach for the building as a continuous terrace under the trees, which provides a parallel path adjacent to the main pedestrian walk and increases the seating area available.  It connects all public spaces and provides flexible, open and easily accessible areas for student eating, gathering and meeting.



Photo Credit: Bill Timmerman

Performing Arts Center Renovation

The Performing Arts Center was in need of a major renovation work in all public areas. The house was changed in its configuration with new walls, foyer, seating and acoustic treatment.  A new pre-function lobby integrated areas for ticket sales, concession, art gallery and new public restrooms. An art gallery was incorporated in the lobby, having specialty lighting, art cases, and areas for flexible art to be exhibited. The large hall has seating for 280, which was modified to provide accessible access, seating, and improved media control area.  The new entrance also offers an outdoor theater performance area for special events.



Photo Credit: Matt Winquist