The Shops at Ribbon FRONT

“BIG BOX” becomes RibbonFRONT at Scottsdale Fiesta Retail Center: an innovative
yet highly achievable concept for place-making design for a major renovation of a retail
Throughout the U.S. many new residential development zones outside of historic city
centers have no comparable streescapes to a downtown with pedestrian focused
walkways and shops. These multi tenant large commercial developments provide the
expansive suburbs with the much needed shopping ammenities. Our proposal seeks to
expand on the shopping experience by creating greater opportunities for individuals to
come together as family, friends, and members of the community. The redesign proposes
to remove the existing facades with a dynamic “ribbon” that creates entries into the
stores as well as insert new public zones along the walkways.
The vision for the Scottsdale Fiesta Shopping Center illustrates how a dramatic
re-envisioning of the big box facades and surrounding utilitarian sidewalks can provide
the much needed pedestrian focused and programmable public space within a suburban
context. Located between the store entryways the previously unused and disused spaces
can be programmed to allow shoppers to engage the outdoor “rooms” designed to
maximize the enjoyment of small and large interactions that include activities such as
resting, reading, coffee/services, sidewalk sales, seating, circulation and exterior sales
opportunities. In addition to providing an enhanced shopping experience, the shops
at the RibbonFront foster community engagement and lively interaction with the built

HomeNZ – Net-Zero Single Family Home Design Competition

HOMEnz provides a new model for a sustainable and affordable single family home in Phoenix Arizona; a beautiful modern home with open, flexible spaces that integrates the landscape and operates with near net zero energy use and at net zero energy use with solar panels and battery. The project was a design competition that was won by the firm, then the city of Phoenix sponsored the completion of design documents for getting it built.
The project was designed with intensive collaboration with contractor and engineers to establish building construction and features to optimize daylighting, natural ventilation, and building envelope performance which minimizes energy required for operation.

Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS) Vision Study


  • Site as water collector  /treatment
  • Raised building: optimizes land surface for water and people
  • Kirkland-McKinney Ditch is an educational feature – historic use of water
  • Sustainable landscape – drought tolerant landscape
  • Daylighting optimization